What is the most convenient way to start working with orders on the web, if previous orders were sent traditional way via e-mail? 30-07-2013 / PFR

There are several steps you need to take to enter and start working in the module "Orders".

Step 1. Authorization

You will need to apply through the standard authorization procedure of daoflowers.com – enter your login and password. If you do not have or if you have forgotten your login and password please contact Daoflowers manager.

Step 2. Module “Orders”


On the main page please select the tab "Modules" and then go to the module "Orders" - the table with all your previous orders will be displayed.

Step 3. To make an order

In the table of orders, select one of the completed ones, which, in terms of content and quantity, will be the most similar to the order that is supposed to be sent. Right-click on the line to select from the drop-down menu the function"Create a new order based on the current one"

Step 4. Working with order

When the new “Not sent” order is displayed in the table of orders, open it by clicking on the “Label” or “Date of arrival at the point”. Then please change the "Date of arrival at the point" if necessary, change the transport company. Edit the order positions by changing the number of FB, farm preferences, add missing positions.

Step 5. Sending and saving the order

After changing the internal content of the order, click the button "Send" → "Send order". If the order is not completely ready at the moment, you can save it by clicking the button "Save" → "Save an order" button. And send when the order is composed and ready to send.

* * Everything is arranged as in Excel. The principle is similar to the following: open an old order, save the file under a new name, change the date and file content, and then send..