Why there are several different prices for the same variety, grade and farm in my invoice? 07-04-2017 / PFR

It is really possible; the prices in the invoice may differ

During the regular season (non-pre-holiday period) the price for flowers is determined for the first instance by situation on the market. A customer order can be purchased within a few days (usually it takes from one to three days). It may be that on the first day of purchase we can get a cut-rate deal for the purchase of this variety, but on the last purchase day there will be flowers shortage and the farm will hold out for the higher price, without any discounts.

In the period of pre-holiday purchase you may find in your invoice three or even more different prices for the same position from the same farm – it can be the price of the standard order, the contract price and the price of the same position purchased from the open market (from daily farms’ offers)