Variety-Farm Levels of Preferences and Their Impact on Flower Purchase in the Orders Progress 02-06-2011 / PFR

The operation logic of our system of flower purchase was created a long time ago, and in the process of its improvement, we tried to provide for the maximum possible options that arise in practice.

In our flower database there are several levels of preferences variety-farm.

The high level of preferences is laid down in the last order of the customer (or in order template), no matter he places an order on the web, or sends it manually via e-mail explaining in the text form which producers of one or another variety of flowers he prefers.

If the customer composes and sends a flower order directly from our website, then his preferences on farms are synchronized with our system, and our employees immediately see whether it is possible to buy a particular variety of flowers from the farm's free offer. The system will not allow our operator to purchase a variety from the farm that was prohibited by the customer.

If a customer, who has not yet figured out all the tricks of our system, sends an order manually via e-mail, then our employees transfer themselves all the preferences and prohibitions on variety-farm from the text of the files to the database.

The farms that operate online on our website also immediately receive a request for positions required by customers and can automatically sell the variety our customers need if it meets their price criterion.

The second level of farm-variety preferences (the so-called traffic lights of preferences) is available from the several working modules of our site:

  • varieties purchase statistics

  • preference cards (a module that was originally designed specifically for managing preferences)

  • varieties cards (catalogue of varieties) tab "preferences - price"

If the customer does not work with preferences at all, then all the "traffic lights" for him will be on the gray mark “no matter”.

As for the prohibitions of some varieties from the certain farms, this is not important for our system where the customer will make them from: from the order module, from variety cards, from cards of preferences, or from variety purchase statistics. Switching the “traffic light” of the prohibition to red color means that the customer bans the purchase of a variety from this farm.