Is it possible to buy flowers without pre-orders? 01-11-2010 / PFR

The main priority for Daoflowers is execution of customers’ orders.

In theory the Customer may not to place the order in advance (one week before cargo arrival to the destination), but take an advantage of the daily offers from farms that are available on our site module “Online offers”. However, the downside of this method is instability, the client's uncertainty that the positions necessary for him are offered online. This kind of purchase type will be fructifying in terms of low prices in case if there are aplenty of flowers on the market, but small demand.

Upon receiving the daily offers from the great number of farms, in the first instance we distribute the most highly demanded positions to the customers who have sent their orders in a proper time. After that, when the orders are completed with pre-ordered flowers, the rest is offered through our site or via skype. It is evident that this set of leftovers is short, but the prices are often attractive.

For our customers also available service "Online offers from farms”, that allows to buy flowers without placing pre-orders.