Flower business trends for 2021 17-11-2020 / Articulos

Based on the drop in fresh flower sales in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic many experts forecasted further downturn in sales. Instead – for example, in the USA consumers bought flowers at retail flower shops to a greater extent in summer 2020 than in 2019.

Nowadays, most people are forced to work and study remotely, spend a lot of time at home, and therefore multifunctional aesthetic spaces are one of the most important trends in design for 2020-2021.

International flower distributors recognizes consumers’ need for normalcy and well-being in their everyday lives during the pandemic, and, they agree that unique floral designs provide that peace of mind in these uncertain times. Whether it is flower bouquets or flower arrangements, flowers have been a part of the home since the beginning of the pandemic bringing joy and hopeful thoughts for the future.

Even weddings are not stopping! The onset of the coronavirus, however, cannot be overlooked as it relates to weddings ceremonies in 2021, and from the flames of a pandemic there has arisen a need for the new wedding trends, new experiences, new design elements, new beginnings. Since many holiday events were postponed due to the coronavirus, there was a rise in at-home weddings. These mini-weddings are expected to be celebrated at home with floral decorations until and during 2021.

Time will tell, but experts say that the world's economies are far from being out of the woods as consumer spending remains the most important force driving the economy recovery, and we can see how uncertainty for consumers has translated into winning floral designs.

With so much time spent at home fresh cut flowers and flower arrangements, foliage and greenery, flower accessories are becoming more and more popular in home design - leather and wooden flower containers as well as influence of African and Indian design is felt to add warmth and charm to your home in such anxious times.