Pre-holiday orders. 01-11-2010 / Articulos

The seasonal peak demand for flowers in Europe falls on the high flower day - St. Valentine's, on February 14.

Before holiday’s shipments, when deliveries volume significantly increases, we preliminary notify the customers when it is necessary to send us the orders indication (quantity without varieties) for advanced booking at the airlines, and when - the final order details by varieties.

Daoflowers is interested in long-term cooperation and looks for continuity. One-time purchase before the Valentine’ Day is none of the first priority in comparison with the orders of our regular customers that have worked with us throughout the whole season .

Nevertheless, we try to do everything we can to execute the delivery volume for both regular customers and customers who started working with us just prior to holidays.

We recommend our prospective customers to start working with us at the earliest possible time before holidays in order for us to clear up customer’s preferences and requirements, pricing policy, etc.